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Addressing Obesity in a Consultation
Through this course you will learn how to broach weight-loss sensitively and effectively with patients...
Adult Cardiac Assessment: an introduction
In this course you will undertake a holistic cardiac assessment...
Advanced Dialysis Assistants Course
This course aims to prepare Health Care Assistants (HCA) for an advanced role within the haemodialysis setting
Advanced Pathophysiology for Critical Care Nursing
Self-test workbooks and reading recommendations to help improve knowledge of the major physiological systems.
Alcohol and Physical and Mental Health
This interactive module provides an introduction to alcohol and its impact on physical and mental health...
Animated Minds: Stories of Postnatal Depression
Beautifully-animated short films providing an insight into mothers' and their partners'...
Anticoagulants and Atrial Fibrillation
This set of short films addresses common questions about taking anticoagulants...
Artificial Nutrition
In this course, you will use a case study scenario to identify and discuss the key factors for consideration..
Barbara's Story
This award-winning set of short films shows the challenges a fictional patient with dementia faces...
Basic Renal Nursing
This course aims to prepare and offer practitioners working in renal setting the foundation of nephrology...
Blood Transfusion
Blood transfusion handling training for redeployed staff
Blood transfusion training for non-KHP staff
Mandatory Blood Transfusion training for agency, locum and bank staff.
This module aims to improve your evidence base knowledge and understanding of breathlessness.
Clinical Academic Group Workshops
Video presentations from Clinical Academic Group Workshops.
Clinical Decision Making
This interactive module helps health care practitioners reflect on their own clinical decision making...
Clinical Leadership Taster Course
This is a taster course of the leadership in healthcare module of the PG Cert.
Clinical Teaching in Mental Health
This is a series of videos and guidelines to help clinical staff working with students on mental health...
Co-production networking and knowledge exchange
Reflections on embedding lived experience in and delivering the courses within the SLaM Recovery College.
Communication in Healthcare
These interactive modules highlight the importance of human factors and communication in healthcare
Deaf Awareness in Healthcare
This module uses video scenarios and interviews to demonstrate some of the obstacles deaf and hard of...
Diabetes and Eye Screening
This course explains the importance of eye-screening programs in diabetes and will help all healthcare...
Diabetes School Staff Study Days
This online training is designed to provide help and support for children and young people with diabetes.
Discussing Randomised Controlled Trials with Patients
This video resource will help you discuss randomised controlled trials with your patients...
E-cancer series
a series of videos to help you keep up to date with the latest developments in cancer care...
Essential Resources for COVID-19
This is an collection of essential resources and guides to help with Coronavirus
Fight the Fads - Nutrition Advice
Evidence-based science about nutrition, diets and health to debunk the latest nutritional myths and...
Flow Cytometry
This course will provide you with a basic understanding of flow cytometry
Foundations in Renal Nursing
This course aims to prepare practitioners working in renal wards and haemodialysis for their role...