Clinical Leadership Taster Course


This module is about the theory and practice of leadership in healthcare organisations. It provides you with knowledge and a comprehensive understanding of leadership theory and concepts.

Through completing the sections and participating in exercises designed to develop your leadership skills, you will hone your abilities in reflective practice and self-analysis.

The aims of the module are:

  • To provide you with knowledge & understanding of a range of perspectives and theories on leadership in healthcare.
  • To allow you to explore contemporary issues surrounding leadership.
  • To provide you with experience of leadership development processes and exercises.
  • To provide you with an opportunity to learn from the experiences of leaders in the ‘real world’.
  • To help you learn to reflect – about yourself, your experiences and leadership more generally.

On completion of the module, you should be able to:

  • Read, understand, write about and discuss a range of literature on leadership.
  • Critically evaluate how different approaches to leadership relate to different organisational activities and settings.
  • Understand leadership development processes and exercises.
  • Reflect on your own experiences and the experiences of leaders in the ‘real world’.
Cost: £0.00