Compassionate communication in cancer care


Welcome to this course. We’ll be learning about demonstrating compassion when communicating with people affected by cancer and their families, as well as your colleagues.

This course was co-designed with patients and staff through workshops and focus groups. It was overseen by the Compassion Communication in Cancer Care Steering Group, and funded by South East London Cancer Alliance.

Throughout the module, you’ll find links to helpful online resources for your reference.

When you've completed this course, you will be able to:

  • explain the core principles of compassionate communication
  • apply the principles of compassionate communication in a clinical setting
  • explain strategies that aid the setting and meeting of patient expectations
  • explain strategies that support being compassionate to yourself and colleagues
  • identify strategies to support accessibility and equity in information sharing.

This course should take you around eight hours to complete. We would highly recommend that you complete the additional reading in the links provided. This may mean the course takes you longer to complete, but the extra reading will add value to your learning.

Cost: £0.00