Addressing Obesity in a Consultation


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About the course:

Obesity is one of the most pressing public health issues, but many healthcare professionals don’t feel they have the time or confidence to address weight loss with their patients.

Through this course you will learn how to broach weight-loss sensitively and effectively with patients, and devise a patient-centred action plan to improve their dietary or exercise habits.

You will look at realistic interactive case examples to provide practice building skills in the following areas:

What will you learn:

  • The rationale for learning to address obesity proactively and non-judgmentally
  • To reflect on your own attitude to obesity
  • To consider and address your barriers to talking with patients about their weight

How will you do this:

  • By looking at the experiences of other healthcare professionals and comparing them to your own
  • By learning strategies to address common issues such as fear of offense, lack of time and role legitimacy
  • By working on your own goals and an action plan


This module concentrates on developing the skills required to work with patients who may be ambivalent about change.


In this module you will learn how to support patients that are ready to make changes through a brief intervention. The module concentrates on behaviour change, but also includes medical interventions and specialist referral where appropriate.

About the author:

Kay Leedham-Green

Dr Kay Leedham-Green

MBBS, BSc, PG Cert APHE, MA Clin Ed, F HEA | Medical Education Fellow (Education Research)

Amongst her many educational research interests are health promotion and disease prevention, with a special interest in obesity.

She has published an action research project how students can be taught to apply evidence-based approaches to discussing obesity with patients in a primary care consultation, delivering the final year teaching on this topic at King's College London, presenting at numerous conferences, developing and delivering a training day for 60 GP teachers. She won first prize for this at the International Clinical Skills Conference in Prato and the educational prize at the Society for Academic Primary Care annual conference, Oxford.

Special thanks to Ami Desai and Pavandeep Kaur-Uppal for helpful feedback.

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Amandeep Cheema

Learning Technologist | King's College London

Florin Ivan

Florin Ivan

Project Manager, Learning Hub | King's Health Partners

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