Adolescence for Clinicians: an escape room


About the Course

A communication course using video, role play, group discussion and didactic teaching. This training aims to help busy NHS clinicians with everyday, and challenging, interactions with adolescents in clinical environments.

Course Date: 21st June 2023

Subjects include:

  1. Three pre-recorded practical scenarios:
    • Case 1 – Young Person at the GP.
    • Case 2 – Step down to the ward: a young person with diabetes.
    • Case 3 – A trauma patient with pancreatitis.
  2. One simulation training with a professional role player to practice your HEADSS skills.
  3. Moderated group discussions.
  4. Q & A with Faculty members at the end of the day.

 Candidates will work through the cases to learn:

  • How to manage adolescents on medical/surgical/specialty wards;
  • How to gain disclosures and unlock information from young people important to their care;
  • How to identify and manage distress in young people in medical environments

Additional information:

  • Earn a certificate of completion
  • Beginner/Intermediate level
  • No academic qualifications are required
  • A day course (09:00 – 15:30pm)
  • Online on Zoom and pre-recoded course material on Learning Hub
  • English with transcripts
  • Cost: £40 (internal fee); £60 (external fee)

Course Director: Dr Simon Chapman

Course Administrator: Evgenia Kovryga

22 seats available.
Cost: £60.00