NGS: Single-cell RNA-sequencing analysis


About the Course

Single-cell transcriptomics is a powerful tool to study the heterogeneity of the cellular transcriptome at single-cell levels. This course aims to equip participants with essential skills to process RNA-sequencing reads from single-cell transcriptomics experiment and to perform downstream analyses of the single-cell gene expression data. This course is designed for participants with some experience in R programming and running command-line programs. We will be using published single-cell RNA-sequencing datasets to perform quality control, data normalisation, cell clustering, differential expression and trajectory analyses.

This course is for you if:

  • You have basic knowledge in using command-line terminal and in running commands in R
  • You work with, or about to work with, single-cell transcriptomics experiments
  • You need to analyse your own single-cell transcriptomics dataset, or analyse publicly available datasets
  • You require flexible learning format

Learning objectives:

  • Acquire a broad understanding of different single-cell transcriptomics experiments
  • Confidently process and analyse single-cell transcriptomics datasets
  • Formulate research questions on single-cell transcriptomics analysis and finding answers to these questions
Cost: £0.00