NGS: RNA-seq



Welcome to our NGS: RNA-seq course where you will gain a comprehensive understanding of how to analyse and visualise bulk RNA-seq data.

Before taking this course, it is important to understand the basics of NGS by taking the NGS: Introduction and pre-processing pipeline course.

This course is for you if

  • You have basic knowledge of R programming language which may have been obtain via our Pillar 2: Basic R with Data Carpentry course
  • You work in a biomedical field
  • You require flexible learning format
  • You need to start using RNA-seq data
  • You want to gain a better understanding of what information you can get from RNA-seq data
  • You would like to learn how to carry out differential expression analysis for bulk data

Learning objectives

  • Obtain a clear understanding of how RNA-seq data are analysed and visualised
  • Understand how differentially expressed genes are detected
  • Perform differential expression analysis test
  • Use R to read in NGS data and annotate features
Cost: £0.00