Level 1: Mind and Body Healthcare - Addressing mental and physical health needs


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Beginner level



Approximately 1 hour to complete


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About the course:

An individual’s mental and physical health are inextricably linked. However, healthcare services are often focused on one or the other.

This interactive course explains how physical and mental health commonly influence each other, and helps all healthcare professionals recognise the additional health needs of their patients and identify appropriate services to refer them to.

It includes ‘patient journey’ case studies to demonstrate how health problems often require coordinated treatment across the healthcare system, with opportunities to practice identifying healthcare priorities in different clinical contexts. There are also examples of good clinical practice to inspire discussion around how we can further improve services.

At the end of this course, you will:

  • Understand terminology relating to mental and physical health
  • Improve your knowledge on the prevalence of mental and physical illness
  • Understand the interconnected nature of mental and physical health
  • Better understand your attitudes towards mental and physical health

About the author:

Chris Attoe

Chris Attoe

Psychologist & Research Lead at Maudsley Learning | South London and Maudsley NHS foundation Trust

Chris has clinical, management, and research experience in the NHS and has published widely in the field of mental health education. His research interests relate to promoting wellbeing in healthcare professionals.

This course was created in collaboration with the Mind and Body Education Committee.

Cost: £50.00