King’s Health Partners (KHP) Education and Training

We are pleased to present the new KHP Education & Training (E&T) database providing an easily accessible, up-to-date overview of E&T activities across the Partnership.

Registered users can:

  • View the range, variety and basic info about most KHP E&T activities in one place.
  • Filter the database for E&T activities based on a Clinical Academic Group (CAG), participant level, E&T activity level and sub-level, length, frequency, mode of delivery and many more.
  • Enter new data on E&T activity within your remit.
  • Edit the entered data to keep it up-to-date.
  • Signpost relevant websites to provide more detail.
  • Upload a flyer, poster or brochure to enable others to share your material more widely to raise interest and recruit more students/trainees if relevant.
  • Download a flyer, poster or brochure to find out more about a particular activity and share it with your professional network to spread the word.

The KHP E&T database enables you to:

  • Stay up-to-date with the breadth and variety of the E&T portfolio across the Partnership.
  • Find out about innovations in teaching pioneered by others across KHP.
  • Gain awareness about available/upcoming KHP E&T activities relevant to your expertise and share it across your professional networks.
  • Recognise and act on opportunities for collaborative endeavours across the Partnership.
  • Market KHP E&T activities to help recruit more national and international students, trainees and visiting experts to study, train and work with us.
  • Through your active engagement with the KHP E&T database, participate in a community of KHP education leaders who seek to further develop our E&T network and continually improve our services to meet patients’ needs

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